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Collecting dolls is a traditional hobby which has grown in popularity over recent years and doll making has become an art form. In addition to traditional collector dolls like the Madame Alexander collectibles, one of kind art dolls are produced in dollmakers’ studios. Our extensive collection of dolls includes kids dolls, collector baby dolls, toys dolls, historical dolls, art dolls and collectors dolls of every description. We have dolls of all sizes, from miniature dolls to big dolls. Dear Little Dollies is a doll collector paradise so if you are looking to buy collectible dolls be sure to check out our shop. Our brick and mortar store is located in Long Island,NY but our doll shop on the web is a click away, 24/7. Wherever you live, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami, Atlanta , New York or Boston, we want to be your collectible doll company.

Dear Little Dollies Ltd. was founded in 1987 and for over 27 years we have served doll collectors with an amazing selection of collectible dolls from popular priced collectible doll brands to one of a kind polymer clay art dolls. We stock a variety of Madame Alexander dolls in 8 inch dolls and 18 inch dolls, including birthday dolls, communion dolls, wedding dolls, graduation dolls and holiday dolls. We carry better play dolls as well, which are also considered collectible dolls. Adora dolls are play dolls which are sought out by doll collectors for their cute faces and imaginative outfits, as are Lee Middleton dolls and others. These vinyl collectible dolls include ethnic dolls in traditional national costumes. We also carry collectible porcelain dolls such as Ashton-Drake and Georgetown Collection, which are popular priced, ranging up to ooak porcelain collectible dolls and very limted edition porcelain collectible dolls by artists such as Sylvia Opderbeck, Annette Himstedt, Hildegard Gunzel, Helen Kish, Susan Krey and many others. Be sure to see our collectible fashion dolls and doll fashion outfits such as Mel Odom's Gene Marshal line from Ashton-Drake and collectible fashion dolls, as well as other collectible vinyl dolls, from the The Tonner Doll Company. Charisma Dolls was founded by Marie Osmond, who is an avid doll collector and doll maker herself, and many Marie Osmond dolls may be found in this line. When you buy dolls remember that Dear Little Dollies has the best selection of collectible dolls along with prices and service to match.

Our handmade dolls are fine collectibles and works of art, and will be sure to captivate you. Many of our dolls are in the style of antique dolls from the time of Queen Victoria. Victorian dolls from the past have iconic status among antique doll collectors and are highly sought after. Our Victorian style dolls are not antique dolls but are made in authentic victorian doll style. The contemporary artists who created them often used real antique fabrics and accessories as materials for the collectible porcelain dolls they create. They are fine additions to any doll collection and represent dolls from the past at an affordable price. Even the antique doll collector will be impressed. Among The Dollmaker dolls can be found porcelain "Queen Victoria dolls" and many other styles of collectible dolls. We also offer affordable Victorian dolls houses and Victorian dolls house furniture.

Ethnic dolls such as Uta Brauser's black dolls representing contemporary street kids or Bets van Boxels lifelike Chinese dolls, ethnic dolls and asian dolls will interest those who are building an international doll collection. Indian dolls, featuring traditional tribal clothing, are a popular subject for Gotz dolls, Georgetown Collection, Ashton-Drake and other lines.

In addition to childrens dolls and collectible dolls we carry doll accessories and other doll related items such as doll stands, doll strollers and doll carriages, doll furniture, and doll clothing, and doll shoes which may be used with kids dolls or to display collectible dolls.

Toddler dolls from Gotz Dolls, Adora Dolls and others are both play dolls and collectible dolls.

Porcelain dolls, paper dolls, paper clay dolls, polymer clay dolls and plastic dolls are all part of the collectible doll category. Some Japanese dolls, such as the washi dolls of Jacques Dorier, are highly artistic paper dolls creations and are examples of a traditional Japanese doll art form. We also have contemporary doll art pieces from Japan by artists Ikuku Iazawa, Akiko Anzai....Which are done in contemporary doll art style.

Our fabric dolls span the collectible doll, art doll and play doll categories. Rag dolls such as the traditional Raggedy Ann doll, are nostalgic play items. The Little Souls dolls are handmade fabric dolls which are reminiscent of the original Cabbage Patch dolls but are either one of kinds or very limited editions. Japanese doll artist Akiko Anzai creates ooak fabric dolls which are art pieces.

Doll figurines from Byers' Choice are made in USA and feature many historical doll subjects from American history.

If you collect dolls, we want to be you doll collecting resource. Whether you are looking to buy a vinyl collectible doll or ooak handmade dolls , a large dolls or a miniature dolls.Dear Little Dollies has it all, along with friendly, knowledgeable staff, great customer service, layaways and competitive pricing.