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Caroline OOAK art doll set

Ute Kase-Lepp, Porcelain soft body, Height or Width: 18 inches, One of a Kind, 1
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Caroline is a one of a kind art doll by Ute Kase-Lepp. This doll is of fine porcelain and glass blown deep blue eyes, hand braided blonde human hair wig and inset lashes. The artist's initials are engraved in cursive at the back of the neck. Her dress is of fine chiffon fabric with fine lace insets and adornments, multi-layered, with fine linen cotton slip with fine lace, and pantaloons. Her porcelain head swivels in a stuffed fabric bodice. Her arms are porcelain to just below the elbow, armatured and posable. Her beautifully sculpted feet and legs are porcelain to mid-thigh, and her knees are permanently bent. This doll is meant to be posed sitting with her little vinyl with soft body baby doll in her lap. The little dolly she holds has vinyl head and limbs. Her head too swivels in a stuffed fabric body. At the back of the neck the doll is also engraved with the artist's initials. She has blue eyes and inset lashes, like her "mommy", and wears a pink with ecru lace onesie, with her very own matching bunting. Caroline measures approximately 30 inches from head to toe lying flat, and dolly is approximately 11 inches head to toe lying flat. This doll has been displayed in our pristine doll shop. She is in like new condition except that there is a small area of soiling on the right arm of her dress.

Artists :
Ute Kase-Lepp
Dolls by Medium:
Porcelain soft body
Height or Width :
18 inches
Edition Type :
One of a Kind
Edition Size :

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