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Doll Collecting

The source for dolls in Bellmore, NY and beyond for years.

Dear Little Dollies Ltd. was founded in 1987. For over 27 years we have served doll collectors with an amazing selection of better play and collectible dolls. No matter if you're looking for one-of-a-kind porcelain dolls, accessories for your dolls or anything else, we can help. We're the destination for dolls in Bellmore, Berrick & Nassau County, NY.

We carry dolls from popular priced brands, such as Alexander dolls, Marie Osmond Charisma dolls, Adora dolls, Middleton Dolls, Ashton-Drake, Georgetown, Gotz, Berenguer and more, to one of a kind art dolls in porcelain, polymer clay, fabric, resin and even wood. We represent many world famed doll artists, both current and retired, including Annette Himstedt, Hildegard Gunzel, Rotraut Schrott, Susan Krey, Elisa Gallea, R. John Wright, Marlene Xenis, Lucia Freidericy, Crees and Coe, John and Angela Barker, Monika, Sylvia Opderbeck, Beatrice Perini, Jamie Williamson, Alexandra Kukinova, Bets van Boxels, Brigitte Deval, Hal Payne, Edna Dali, Linda Mason, Julie Rueger, Paulette Aprile, Heloise, Maggie Iacono, Zawieruszynski, Helen Kish, Sonja Hartman, Heidi Plusczok and many more!

Why collect dolls?

Collecting dolls is a time honored hobby which has grown in international popularity over recent years, and doll making has become an art form. In addition to traditional collector dolls like the Madame Alexander collectible dolls, Kewpies, Raggedy Ann, and many name brand porcelain collectible dolls, we are home to many one of a kind and very limited edition art dolls, produced by hand, right in the dollmakers’ studios. Our extensive collection of dolls includes children and toddler dolls, collector baby dolls, toys and play dolls, fashion and ball jointed dolls, fairy and princess dolls, historical dolls, Victorian dolls, and art and collectible dolls of every description. We have large dolls to miniature dolls, fantasy to lifelike dolls, Haute Couture to antique style dolls, fabric dolls to Fimo sculpts and everything in between . . . dolls, Dolls, DOLLS! Dear Little Dollies is a doll lover’s paradise! If you are looking to buy dolls, you have found the ultimate destination. Our world class brick and mortar store, located on Long Island, NY, is accessible to many and always worth the trip. Our website doll shop is accessible to all! Just a click away, we are your one of a kind, one in the world, collectible doll company 24/7!

We have dolls to commemorate special occasions, including birthday dolls, Christening and First Holy Communion dolls, bridal and wedding party dolls, and graduation dolls. We also carry Christmas and holiday dolls, such as traditional hand made in the USA Byers’ Choice caroler figurines and uniquely appealing show stopper Stone Soup Santas.

What makes a doll collectible?

To a doll collector any doll may be a collectible doll, regardless of price or material. Vinyl dolls made as childrens dolls may be just as unique and charming as a porcelain doll made as a doll collector display piece.

If you are looking for international doll collections, we carry black and African American dolls, Indian, Chinese and other ethnic dolls. Unique among these are the ethnic black dolls by Uta Brauser, representing contemporary inner city street kids. Of highest standard are Bets van Boxels lifelike African, South American, Asian and Chinese dolls, and other of her exquisite and touching depictions in dolls of real life children. We have outstanding American Indian dolls by Paulette Aprile, Sherry Housley, and Heidrum Vilz-Heim, and lovely and affordable Linda Mason for Georgetown collections of American Indians and more. You may even find a traditional Japanese washi paper doll at our shop, as those by Jacques Dorier, or perhaps a more contemporary art piece from Japan, as our dancers by artists Ikuku Iazawa or Akiko Anzai. From Russia with love come our authentic Russian nesting dolls, also known as Matryoshka dolls. These are wooden “doll in doll in doll” creations, which are often elaborately hand painted. And don’t miss our meticulously historically costumed porcelain Russian ethnic dolls by the esteemed Alexandra Kukinova.

Collector baby dolls are a one of the biggest categories in collectible dolls and to many doll collectors baby dolls are the definitive doll collectibles. Reborn dolls are very popular among doll collectors now and are made by repainting lifelike newborn dolls such as Berenguer dolls. Irene Story’s lifelike dolls are one of kind newborn dolls made of polymer clay

Fashion dolls and more.

Is your preference collectible fashion dolls? Then you will enjoy our collection of the impeccably dressed Gene doll by Mel Odom, or the fashion doll lines by Robert Tonner. You will also find a large selection of outfits and accessories to suit your fashion taste for these dolls.

Our dress up dolls for the younger collector, such as Madame Alexander’s 18 inch dolls and Adora 20 and 12 inch baby dolls, can also be redressed in stylish doll shoes, clothing and accessories available at our shop. And among our kids dolls, we carry Disney princess dolls by several manufacturers, vinyl and soft bodied baby dolls, such as Huggums, Raggedy Ann and Andy and other rag dolls, plush animals and figures, and much more. These dolls will be loved in childhood and carried fondly into adulthood.

A wide variety of doll furniture and accessories.

If you are looking for doll furniture, carriages, strollers, cradles, beds, armoires and trunks, we carry the full line of Queen’s Treasures doll furniture sized for the American Girl 18 inch doll, and we carry the full line of Regal Doll Carriages, as well as other lines, like Melissa and Doug’s Victorian dolls house furniture and dolls houses. And to serve all of your doll collecting needs, we offer doll stands, and made to order doll display cases.

For those who prefer fantasy, we have fairies and elves and whimsical creations, among them spoon, teacup and other fairies by Susan Snodgrass, very delicate fairies and clowns by Nicole West, elves by Tine Kamerbeek and Faith Wick, and a magnificent one of a kind Pushmee Pullyou fantasy animal with twin dolls by Joanne Collander, and much more!

Our handmade dolls are fine collectibles and works of art, and will be sure to captivate you. Some of our dolls are in the style of antique dolls from the time of Queen Victoria. Victorian dolls from the past have iconic status among antique doll collectors and are highly sought after. Our Victorian style dolls are not antique dolls per se, but are made in authentic Victorian doll style. Contemporary artists recreating this style of doll often incorporate authentic antique fabrics and accessories in their costuming, and use actual antique or antique reproduction molds. . . dolls from the past at an affordable price! Even the antique doll collector will be impressed!

We have celebrity and Hollywood movie dolls as well, with representations of characters like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Matt Dillon, George Burns, Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley and others gracing our shop. And we have dolls representing famous historical persons, such as George Washington and Martin Luther King, Queen Victoria and others.

Kewpie dolls are traditional collectible dolls and we carry several versions of this familiar doll character, from R. John Wright and other doll makers. Our Raggedy Ann and Andy rag dolls are likewise traditional and popular collectible dolls.

There's no better place for dolls in Nassau County, NY.

If you collect dolls, we want to be your doll collecting resource. Whether you are looking to buy vinyl collectible dolls or ooak handmade dolls, large dolls or miniature dolls, Dear Little Dollies has it all, along with friendly, knowledgeable staff, great customer service, layaways and competitive pricing.