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Fashion / Bride / Trunk

Just as "the clothes make the (wo)man," as the saying goes, sometimes "the clothes make the doll" as well! A fashion doll is a doll with clothing that can be classified as being of a specific category, such as from a specific period (e.g. Victorian lady) fashion designer, style (e.g. dress, sports, casual, high fashion) or occasion (e.g. wedding). The important thing is that the clothing is a very important feature and can be THE most important feature. Fashion dolls got their start in the days before clothing catalogs with photos were available and indeed before mass produced fashions were available. Fashion dolls stood in the windows of local tailors to inform shoppers as to what was going on in the trend-setting fashion cities, and showed what could be ordered or made locally. While antique fashion dolls are rare and sought after collectibles, the tradition continues today and they are made for their own sake. The whole point of fashion dolls is what they are "wearing."