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Welcome to "Dear Little Dollies" Doll Store

"Dear Little Dollies" Doll Store offers an impressive selection of contemporary art dolls, collectible dolls and play dolls, reflecting every price category. We also carry items closely related to dolls, such as the popular Byers' Choice caroler figurines, Matryoshka dolls, plush items, doll clothing and accessories, doll furniture, prams and carriages, and more.

Our Dolls

The line between art, collectible and play doll is not always very apparent. Some of today's play dolls are tomorrow's valued collectibles, and some dolls designed primarily for display, can also be delicately loved and cared for by a child. Many brands of dolls are both play and collectible, including the popular lines of Madame Alexander and the Ginny dolls by Vogue, the larger almost life-size Adora, Berenguer and Ashton-Drake baby dolls, and many more.

Art dolls are distinguished from collectible or play in that they are one of a kind or very limited edition studio creations, which have been produced by the hand of the artist in whole or in main part, such as the stunning wax over porcelain creations of Hildegard Gunzel, the incomparable porcelain children of Annette Himstedt, the poignant realism of Bets van Boxel’s porcelain ethnic children of the world, the evocatively feminine porcelains of Monika, and even the precision detail of the felt creations of R John Wright or Maggie Iacono. Doll artists sometimes apply idiosyncratic techniques, such as the painterly quality of Nancy Wiley, or the direct sculpt porcelain with wax overlay of Lucia Friedericy, or the paperclay sculpts of Yvonne Flipse. Some artists develop their own creative medium of art, such as the "cultured glass" of Pat Thompson's Vlasta Dolls, and the "shell cloth" of Linda Murray. Many have perfected the art of polymer clay, like the dolls of Elisa Gallea, Laura Scattolini, Avigail Brahms and Linda Kertzman.

"Dear Little Dollies" Doll Store is home to dolls in all of these categories, representing many of today's best doll artists. We hope our web site will acquaint visitors with the beautiful world of dolls.

Our Clients

Whoever enters our breathtaking world of dolls is our potential client. Our clients are sometimes very little, and sometimes very old. They are sometimes seasoned collectors, and they are sometimes new to the world of dolls. Sometimes their selection of a doll is "love at first sight”, and sometimes our clients deliberate their selection over weeks. Our extensive collection makes browsing captivating! Collectors can expect to find the unexpected, the young can expect to find something huggable which stimulates their imagination, and those looking for a gift can expect to find something just right. There is a doll for every message and occasion, from birthdays to graduations, weddings and Christenings!

Our Shopping Experience

Visitors to Dear Little Dollies describe our doll website as "better than a museum". Yet we are a family business and we bring a very personal touch to our client dealings. It's very important to us that our clients are satisfied in every way. Our mission is to help our clients find the perfect match for their needs, small or large. And we make purchasing as convenient as possible, offering a generous layaway plan, and accepting payments in cash, by check, by money order, via Paypal, or by major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Highlights from the Best!

Donna's Doings

Meet Donna! She is the youngest member of the Camilleri family, which owns and operates Dear Little Dollies website retail business. Donna has always been involved in the life of the doll shop, but now she is pleased to tell you about her personal mission, which Dear Little Dollies is honored to share with you from its website.