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Our Dolls

Dear Little Dollies doll shop offers a huge selection of art, play and collectible dolls from all parts of the contemporary doll spectrum and in every price category. We also carry figurines, plush pieces and accessories such as doll furniture, carriages, clothing, more. The distinction between collectible and play dolls is not hard and fast, so some of today's play dolls will be considered collectible in a few years. A play doll is one that is made to withstand the handling of children and some of these are also collectible because of their aesthetic and high build qualities, such as Adora dolls. That said, some products are considered collectible because they are designed primarily for display and the maker has been around long enough for them to have developed a large collector base. Examples of this category are Madame Alexander eight inch dolls and Byers' Choice caroler figurines. Art dolls are usually one of a kind or made in very limited editions, such as the wax over porcelain creations of Hildegard Gunzel, the porcelain children of Annette Himstedt or the ethnic children of the world by Bets van Boxel. Many one of a kind art dolls are sculpted of polymer clay, like the dolls of Linda Kertzman and Elisa Gallea. In all of these categories we have a great selection representing many of todays best doll artists in an amazing number of types and themes. The diversity must be seen to be appreciated and we hope our web site will help to get visitors acquainted with the beautiful world of dolls.

Our Clients

Doll collectors searching for a new art doll often fall in love with a one of kind piece from one of our many artist friends. Collectors of pieces from traditional and popular lines like Byers' Choice Ltd. can find a hard to locate piece among our extensive selection. Those looking for a gift for a doll collecting significant other will find something sure to please in our shop, as will those searching for a unique and memorable gift for a special someone "who has everything" but delights in the unexpected. When it comes to gifts, there is a doll for every message and happy occasion, such as birth days, first communions, graduations, weddings and Christenings! Parents who understand the value of creative play will also find many fine play dolls which will delight and stimulate a child's imagination, including a selection of modern Kathe Kruse dolls. For grandparents, aunts and uncles, a doll also makes a wonderful keepsake gift for a child; introducing her to the grown-up activity of collecting can be the start of a life long hobby which encourages a focus beyond the immediate.

Our Shopping Experience

One way many visitors describe our doll shop is "better than a museum. We have literally thousands of dolls from hundreds of doll makers on display. A visitor will experience a breathtaking display the like of which could be seen in few other places, if any. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have and to direct you to particular items of interest. We will help you find the perfect match for your needs, whether it is a popular priced collectible to a one of a kind art doll. Layaways are available. Cash, check, money order, Paypal, Visa, Discover, American Express accepted. Our shop is located on the main street of a quaint shopping district with several movie theaters and many fine eateries only a short walk away.