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Donna's Doings

Meet Donna! She is the youngest member of the Camilleri family, which owns and operates Dear Little Dollies website retail business. Donna has always been involved in the life of the doll shop, but now she is pleased to tell you about her personal mission, which Dear Little Dollies is honored to share with you from its website.

Donna has been crafting for most of her life, primarily latching hook rugs, pillows and wall hangings, but also painting wood bird houses, wall hangings and ornaments, as well as producing leather and other crafts. Her crafting skills are always developing, and always bring her much joy.

Each item Donna crafts is crafted with care, competence, great tenderness and a sense of the personal mission to help others with special needs. Donna calls her personal mission “Donna’s Doings”. Her idea is to use her crafting talent to create beautiful items which she can then utilize in fundraising for any legally designated tax-exempt charitable organizations which move her.

Dear Little Dollies has donated this web page, which we have titled “Donna’s Doings”, to help Donna spread the love! Please have a look at the beautiful items which are featured on this page, every one of which has been hand-crafted by Donna, utilizing kits, wood models and other craft supplies which are donated to her for her mission. 100% of the suggested donation under each item will be forwarded to the 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization noted.

As Dear Little Dollies is simply facilitating Donna’s mission and does not, nor seeks not, to profit financially or in any other way from her endeavor, and as Donna’s hand-crafts are not part of Dear Little Dollies inventory of merchandise for retail sale, donations for Donna’s items must be made by way of personal or bank check made out directly to the charitable organization indicated, and mailed to Dear Little Dollies so that we may process the donation with the indicated charity and ship the selected craft item to the donor. Your donation will be acknowledged by the indicated charity.