Justine by Hildegard Gunzel ARTIST PROOF wax over porcelain art doll

Hildegard Gunzel, Porcelain wax over, Height or Width: 37.5 inches, Artist Proof, 30

La Vie en Rose! Justine expresses the peace and joy of a future filled with hope.

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Justine is a 37.5" tall Artist's Proof Hildegard Gunzel really lovely fashion plate ingenue. There is a limited edition of 30 worldwide made from this proof. The artist has hand-signed this piece "Artist Proof" on the back plate. Justine's wig is hand-made of human hair. She is wearing a cashmere sweater with tulle inlays. She ports a fashionable leather belt with felt flowers and silk leaves, and a silk skirt with different shades of color on the outer and inner side. She wears silk stockings and up to the minute leather boots. And she looks terrific in her straw hat -- at least she thinks so . . . and doesn't she! Actually, Justine sets the pace in timeless fashion. She is designed for the La Vie En Rose 2006 Hildegard Gunzel Collection.


Hildegard said of this collection that it absolutely expressed the "freedom from care", "inner peace" and "calm" which characterized her own sentiment after having completed this graceful and cheerful collection. She went on to explain, 'La Vie en Rose', which many will recognize as the French chanson famously sung by Edith Piaf in 1942, a year filled with troubles, lent a most needed uplifting mood to the world, "just when this feeling [was and perhaps is again now] most needed, when the ability to let go, to look optimistically into the future, to hope for life and for good things is so vital. This has nothing to do with carelessness but with trust. The trust of children who experience a carefree, sheltered childhood in an affectionate family." This is what the artist has successfully expressed in Justine.

Artists :
Hildegard Gunzel
HG Design
Dolls by Medium:
Porcelain wax over
Blown Glass
Human Hair
Height or Width :
37.5 inches
Edition Type :
Artist Proof
Edition Size :

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