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Mother's Day set of 2 Maggie Iacono dolls Mother and Daughter

Maggie Iacono, Felt molded, Height or Width: 18 inches, Limited Edition, 70
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Mother's Day is a molded felt ball jointed limited edition doll set by Maggie Iacono. The Mother stands approximately 18.5 inches tall, and her little daughter stands approximately 11.5 inches. It has been produced in a very limited edition of only 70 sets.

Maggie Iacono and her husband Tony have developed a ball joint system which gives Maggie Made Dolls a full range of motion. Costuming too has been developed and perfected to include sophisticated techniques of painting, dying, embroidery, weaving, printing , airbrushing and fusing with fabrics other than felt. Maggie Made Dolls have been exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, and in museums all over the world. The artist herself has been elected to NIADA and has been the recipient of many awards, including DOTY (from Doll Reader), and the Dolls Award of Excellence (Dolls Magazine).

Artists :
Maggie Iacono
Maggie Made Dolls
Dolls by Medium:
Felt molded
Height or Width :
18 inches
Edition Type :
Limited Edition
Edition Size :

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