Amalia Pastor, Porcelain soft body, Height or Width: 27.5 inches, Limited Edition, 5

Sofie's seamless and exposed neckline lends a richly romantic look to this doll.

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Sofie is a porcelain limited edition art doll by German trained doll artist Amalia Pastor. Sofie is #2 of a limited edition of only 5. She has a human hair wig and German glass eyes. This doll has a stationary shoulder plate so that her head remains in the position intended by the artist, and does not swivel. The artist cut the neckline of Sofie's costume deeper in the front and back than is typically seen on many porcelain dolls, to show off the dolls beautiful and seamless neckline, and to add a warmly romantic touch to this piece. This approximately 27 inch doll is dressed in a simple dress of elaborate fabric and lace. And Sofie comes with her own adorable and precious little dolly, which explains the content and peaceful smile which characterizes Sofie's expressive face. She is signed, dated, and numbered.

Amalia Pastor was a classically trained guitarist and vocalist before becoming a master doll maker, of Spanish heritage but trained in Berlin. Her fine porcelain dolls are one-of-a-kinds and small limited editions, typically from five to ten pieces.

Artists :
Amalia Pastor
Dolls by Medium:
Porcelain soft body
Height or Width :
27.5 inches
Edition Type :
Limited Edition
Edition Size :

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