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Francirek and Oliveira

Tom Francirek and Andre Oliveira are a team with combined doll making experience of 35+ years. Their exquisite lady dolls are porcelain art dolls made in studio in very limited editions of 10 to 15 pieces. Each doll is masterfully hand painted with multiple firings and costumed using material from their collection, which includes antique and modern fabrics. The wigs used are made of only the finest angora mohair. Tom's special touch is painting particularly soulful and realistic eyes which bring life to the dolls and are an amazing hallmark of their work. These very small editions are actually OOAK finished and are from c. 25" to c. 30" tall. Francirek and Oliveira have also designed popular priced dolls for production in larger numbers, but in which their artistry and style are evident.