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Emily Garthright

Emily Garthright began sculpting in 1997, bringing at least three talents to bear on her doll making. She has been since childhood a "simple storyteller", as she has described herself, and her doll creations are often vignettes which do indeed reflect a storytelling dimension. There is, for example, the little girl pushing an antique style pram loaded with her treasured "babies", including some old beloved rag dolls and plush animals. Or there is the young not quite grown up little girl with her wooden trunk filled with dear belongings, including her own play dolls and antique toys. Each doll is a story . . . a quaint and wholesome story which gives her dolls above all an endearing quality.

Emily Garthright is also a true artist -- a painter, and her dolls certainly evidence the delicate and intelligent touch of an artist's hand. Finally, Emily Garthright is a seamstress, and the detailed delicate costuming of her dolls, and her doll's dolls, reflect the precision perfectionism of her accomplished level in this craft as well.