Baby Doll New Year 2019 Has Arrived!

Baby Doll New Year has arrived! Meet darling baby Sweet Pea! She’s slept right through all of the clashing of pots and pans and New Year’s fire-crackers! This little girl is only about 15″ long, and yes, she does love her knitted bonnet, so warm and cuddly she hasn’t made a peep. . . She’s tried her thumb but she loves to suck on her index finger most of all. Isn’t her pretty pink gingham Moses basket just right for her? And how she loves it!
Today Baby Sweet Pea has found her mommy. Five-year old Maggie McGuire answered the most number of questions correctly in our Baby Doll New Year 2019 contest, and she has been named winner! Congratulations to Maggie! Maggie sported a huge smile as soon as she set eyes on Baby Sweet Pea, and said she loved her and that Sweet Pea was just the right size for her. She’ll take her home to see Maggie’s other dollies, including a little 10″ baby doll which can share Sweet Pea’s Moses basket. Maggie is pictured here with her sister, Tess (L), and her cousin, Amelia (R back), who accompanied Maggie to the doll shop to help her celebrate being a winner at Dear Little Dollies.
Thank you to all of the young girls who participated in our Baby Doll New Year 2019 contest!

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