Crafting for Alzheimer’s by Donna’s Doings

A Helping Heart

Donna, the youngest sibling of the family owners of Dear Little Dollies, has been  latch hooking for many years. She began crafting as a child, and has continued perfecting her skills until this day. Now she is ready to make her debut as a crafts-woman at Dear Little Dollies . . . But there is something just a little special about Donna’s crafts.

Donna has combined her talent for crafting with her heartfelt desire to help others, like people who suffer with Alzheimer’s Disease, as did her own mom, or like herself, who have downs syndrome. So Donna has initiated a personal mission which she calls “Donna’s Doings”. Donna’s idea is to use her crafting talent to create beautiful items, including rugs, wall hangings and pillows, which she hopes to sell for the benefit of charity. This mission is now a permanent part of Dear Little Dollies, where her work can be seen and purchased. 100% of the proceeds of Donna’s Doings is to be donated to charity. You can see her completed hand latched rug kits, pillows and wall hangings, among other things, each completed with care and competence, at Dear Little Dollies, where they are available for your acquisition. 

A Worthy Cause

But your purchase means more than the acquisition of a beautiful handmade item. Every penny of your purchase will help someone in need. What’s more, Donna has integrated her crafting into her contemplative prayer life. Every stitch she makes, every piece of yarn she hooks, every stroke of her paint brush, is a prayer . . . It is a prayer she offers for the one in need who will be helped, and it is a prayer she offers specifically too for the purchaser of her handy work.

Come by the Doll Shop to see for yourself, and thank you for doing something good with Donna!

Donna’s Doings now occupies a permanent corner in Dear Little Dollies doll & gift boutique, located at 418 Bedford Ave., in Bellmore Village.

ph: 516-679-0164 DONNA’S DOINGS

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1 thought on “Crafting for Alzheimer’s by Donna’s Doings”

  1. What an amazing spirit this young woman has! Blessed by her presence, blessed by her hands-work and blessed by the charitable good it does! I think I’m going to float all the way the Heaven on one of her hooked rugs!!! Very very special. I’m so happy to be doing something good with Donna.


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