Baby Doll New Year 2017 Born!

A new doll for the new year!

Look what the stork brought! Meet Dear Little Dollies’ Baby Doll New Year 2017. Born January 1 at 1 minute after midnight, and  just after the ball touched ground in Times Square. Five perfect fingers, five perfect toes! Blonde hair…lots of it and curly. Blue eyes. Will they change? Nineteen inches long and a healthy (for a dolly) four pounds. She’s a beautiful, bouncing baby girl and she’s pretty as a flower. The New Year’s Eve festivities are behind us, so it’s time to announce who the young winner of the ballot event will be. This weekend the winner’s name will be announced along with Baby Doll New Year’s name. Thank you to all the young participants in the ballot.

About the event.

 First of all, it is a festive observance of the new year’s arrival but also a celebration of the tremendous variety and charm to be found in the world of dolls. Dolls are works of art and, as creatures of our imagination, they imitate life. Therefore,  it is fitting that at this holiday, which marks both repetition and renewal, we celebrate a doll newly born in our imaginations. Since children love guessing games, prizes, the excitement of the holiday season and (of course!) dolls, we hope they will enjoy this doll event.  This years ballot is the first of what we hope will become an annual tradition in the Bellmore community. Any child may submit an official ballot at our doll shop and become eligible to win one of the prizes. You will find the official rules and information on our Facebook page. Please read them there and remember to like us and stay tuned to our blog for further reports on this event.

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