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Collecting dolls is a traditional hobby which has grown in popularity over recent years and doll making has become an art form. In addition to traditional collector dolls like the Madame Alexander collectibles, one of kind art dolls are produced in dollmakers’ studios. Our extensive collection of dolls includes kids dolls, collector baby dolls, toys dolls, historical dolls, art dolls and collectors dolls of every description. We have dolls of all sizes, from miniature dolls to big dolls. “Dear Little Dollies” Doll Store is a doll collector paradise so if you are looking to buy collectible dolls be sure to check out our shop.

Doll Artists


We carry the work of many contemporary doll artists from around the world. What inspires doll makers and what are they trying to express? Hopefully they will share their artistic experience and reveal to us to why they became ...

Dolls and Trends

About Dolls

Dolls are multifaceted and may be objects of art, play or history, often in combination. Here we will discuss any general subject about them, such as their sculpting, making, costuming, and material. Other topics include types ...



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