Some Elissa Gallea OOAK polymer clay art dolls

The dolls in the  gallery below have been sold but are typical of Elisa Gallea’s wonderful OOAK polymer clay art dolls. They are included here so doll lovers will have a better idea of her work and will be able to make comparisons with new, available pieces as we put them on our e-shop or this blog. I think these two pieces are great examples of some of the things we like so much in Elisa Gallea’s dolls. Her imagination allows her to create true expressions which we can relate to immediately, as in the wistful, innocent dreaminess of “My Sweetie” or the exhaustion that sets in after a child’s exciting day is over, seen in “After Party”. The artist has the heart to know the feelings and the eye to see the expressions. When she sculpts her faces she recreates these expressions with skill and great attention to detail. Her attention to detail is also evident in the naturalistic coloration of her dolls, which she achieves by mixing clays of different colors until her eye tells her it’s right and also the meticulous painting with which her dolls are finished. Of course, her choice of subjects and outfits is charming too. Her process results in dolls which are impressive as objects of art and also elicit an emotional response in the doll lover.

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