Dear Little Dollies transitions to Internet only

HAPPY HOLIDAYS are approaching as swiftly as Santa’s reindeer, and Dear Little Dollies is planning a very very special season. After much thought and heartfelt goodwill for all of our beloved friends, patrons and artists, with many warm memories, and with beautiful expectations for the future, Dear Little Dollies is transitioning to an Internet only establishment, commencing in the New Year 2019. This year is Dear Little Dollies’ last year at our brick & mortar doll shop . . .  but 2019 will be our first year where we are able to explore and to focus on Internet opportunities.

It is with bittersweetness that we close our shop doors, behind which we have woven an amazing quilt of smiles, friendships and memories, but with this closure we inaugurate expectations and excitement for yet another phase of our long-standing participation in the wonderful world of dolls, beauty and culture. Above all, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the numberless kindnesses and the loyalty of our customers, and the countless interpersonal sharings, which have invested what we do with profound meaning and purpose, as well as lasting relationships. You, our dear friends, have given us more than you know, and we are ever grateful to have encountered you in the environment of our family doll shop, where our hope has always been to welcome you to the beauty, the charm and the deeply human meaning and purpose of our dolls. You are all part of the history of that little space called Dear Little Dollies, and you will remain ever in our hearts.

 As you can imagine, the transition of our inventory to our storage facility is a big job! There are some dollies and other items which will be looking for homes before they are transferred, and that brings opportunity for you! We have already reduced retail prices on our website, but you can expect even deeper price cuts on items which remain displayed in our shop until they are packed and placed in storage. We will be vacating 418 Bedford Avenue sometime in December, so consider early Holiday shopping this year at Dear Little Dollies! Because of the labor of moving inventory into storage, we have had to limit store hours recently, but we are planning to be open long hours on BLACK FRIDAY, and more extended hours after that until we close. We will be posting our schedule of store hours and our closing date soon.

DEAR LITTLE DOLLIES has always been more than just a doll shop . . . It’s been a place of beauty and peace, a place of interpersonal sharing, of growth and even of healing, a place of family and of mutual appreciation in love. That’s why Dear Little Dollies will never really go away . . . You’ve made us a part of you, and we’ve made you a part of us. That has been the difference with Dear Little Dollies, and our legacy. We’ll do our best to imbue your Internet experience of us with that same Spirit, and we look forward to continuing to welcome you into our world of dolls! With LOVE and GRATITUDE we will always be that special place FOR YOU!

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