Doll Decor crafted with colorful flowers

Whimsical Way Doll Decor by Emily . . . Into the Garden!

Introducing Emily Rehm’s doll decor crafting

Spring brings a new blossoming of creative talent to the doll market, and Dear Little Dollies is delighted to be introducing Whimsical Way Doll Decor by the young and beautiful craftswoman, Emily Rehm! While many of Emily’s peers seek pleasure and entertainment in the efficiency and straight lines of technology, Emily is captivated by the things which make the world beautiful. While the new normal may be to spend hours looking into a screen in the palm of one’s hand, pecking out messages, Emily offers a walk “into her garden.” Her  world is an artist’s palette of color, where stories are told rather than messages pecked out on the run, and the the telling is done through interesting dolls arranged with beautiful silk flowers.

A palette of dolls and flowers!

Emily combines her appreciation for character dolls, figurines and plush, including all the most beloved Disney princesses, action heroes, seasonal favorites and more, with an eye for just the right selections from her “garden” to make the most sensational doll decor centerpieces. Working with high quality silk flowers and accessories chosen specifically to enhance the particular doll, stuffed animal or figurine featured, she arranges them as the perfect setting for the featured item when it is not being played with thus making it a sensational display during “down time”! The doll or featured item is removable from the arrangement for play, and is easily returned back to the arrangement.

Emily’s Whimsical Way creations are great for every occasion and just the right interior accent for any room. The sensational look as well as reasonable gift price point, make Whimsical Way centerpieces the perfect idea for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, seasonal events . . . just about anything! High quality silk flowers are a decorating staple on display in many homes, as are sentimental dolls and prized collector dolls. How interesting would it be to artfully incorporate both into a piece of doll decor! Emily’s versatility in interpreting any theme makes her centerpieces always the “WOW!” item at events, and the gift people really want to take home. These centerpieces are better seen, than explained, and best seen in person . . . so Come On Into the Garden!

Doll decor centerpieces available here!

Whimsical Way doll decor centerpieces are on display and available to purchase at Dear Little Dollies. Currently featured in our shop are Disney characters Moana, Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Belle and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, Fancy Nancy, Raggedy Ann, and more! Custom orders, big or small, can be placed through Dear Little Dollies.  

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